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Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz331@...>

Dear GerSIGgers,
I'm searching for members of the PHILIPPSBORN / PHILIPSBORN/ Von
PHILIPSBORN family(-ies?). There are Jewish and non-Jewish (von P.)
branches. Many of the Jewish branch were born in Bentschen, today
Zbaszyn, Poland. I've come across an entry in the Google-book, Zur
Statistik des Koenigl. Joachimsthalischen Gymnasiums by Ernst Bahn,
for Carl Alex (von) PHILIPSBORN, under the heading "1832,Ostern -
Michaelis". There are many abbreviations, which I hope some of you
can spell out for me. Here's the entry:

1. (v.) Philipsborn, Carl Alex. Wilh. Maximilian, 17 J., Schwedt a.
O., Jur. u. Cam.k Wirkl. Geb. Regierungsrat, Ministerialdirektor im
Min. der ausw. Angelegenheiten, Bevolim. z. Bundesrat, Exc.

I'm guessing that this information is about Carl Alex's father but
would love to see it all spelled out.

Judith Berlowitz, Oakland, California

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