German SIG #Germany GRUNEBAUM Family from Heidelberg and What Records are Available from There? #germany

Linda Shefler

We just recently learned that a member of our GRUNEBAUM family from
Heidelberg was deported to Gurs on 22 Oct 1940 and then to Auschwitz on
10, Oct 1942. Her name was Selma GRUNEBAUM (nee ABRAHAM); she was born
24 Mar., 1903 in Okriftel. We have no idea to whom she was married, but
we know that she was the mother of Hans John GRUNEBAUM, who was probably
born in the mid to late 1920s. There is a chance that he survived the war,
but we have no concrete information.

The only member of the GRUNEBAUM family that we know of that might have
lived in Heidelberg was MordchE4us (Max) Gruenebaum, who was born in
1865. We were told he died in Heidelberg, date unknown. We suspect that
he was probably the father of Selma's husband.

My first question is, is anyone aware of, or familiar with this family?
My second question is, what records are available for Heidelberg
(possibly >from the late 19th century and into the 20th century) that
will help us piece together this GRUNEBAUM family?

I have checked Yad Vashem, the Bundesarchiv and the Aufbau records.

As always, many thanks for your time!

Linda Silverman Shefler, Hod Hasharon linda.shefler@...

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