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André Convers

Two books can help you. The new book on Jews of Heidelberg
Erinnern, Bewahren, Gedenken - Die Judischen Einwohner Heidelbergs
und ihre Angehorigen 1933-1945 >from Norbert Giovannini, Claudia Rink and
Frank Moraw - ISBN 978-3-88423-353-5 and of an other book >from Arno Weckbecker
Die Juden-Verfolgung in Heidelberg 1933-1945 - ISBN 3-8114-5185-5 where
your relatives are listed.

I do not speak or read German but with help of dictionary I understand that
Selma GRUNEBAUM nee ABRAHAM was married to Josef GRUNEBAUM born
21 Oct 1902, their son Gunther GRUNEBAUM born 19 Oct 1928 was living in
Plainfield, USA in 1962.

Hans J. GRUNEBAUM born 22 Dec 1912, living in Jackson Heights, NY in 1959
was the son of Paula GRUNEBAUM nee WOLFERS. Hope this will help.

Andre Convers - Louveciennes - France andreconvers@...

Linda Silverman Shefler, Hod Hasharon linda.shefler@... wrote:
My first question is, is anyone aware of, or familiar with this family?
My second question is, what records are available for Heidelberg
(possibly >from the late 19th century and into the 20th century) that
will help us piece together this GRUNEBAUM family?

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