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I am seeking help in tying together several branches of the ETTLINGER family
that emanated >from Ettlingen near Karlsruhe. I have recorded various branches
of the family in Karlsruhe, Bretten and Eppingen and track back to a
progenitor in Ettlingen. Here is what I have:

For Bretten: Herzle Isaac of Ettlingen, born 1689 in Ettlingen and
settled in Bretten where he died before 1765. His father was Isaac of Ettlingen.

For Karlsruhe: Moses Abraham ETTLINGER, born around 1700 in Ettlingen
and died in Karlsruhe in 1762. His father was Abraham of Ettlingen.
Is it likely that Isaac and Abraham were brothers? Is there more information
about this family in Ettlingen itself?

For Eppingen: Seligmann ETTLINGER born around 1769 in Karlsruhe, died
1845 in Eppingen. His father was Isaak who lived in Karlsruhe. How does
this Seligmann tie into the descendants of Moses Abraham ETTLINGER?

While I am at it:

(1) Is Shlomo (Fritz) ETTLINGER of Ele Toldot related to this family?
(2) Is Rabbi Jakob ETTLINGER, son of Rabbi Aaron ETTLINGER, related to this

I would appreciate knowing of sources for further investigation.

Werner L. Frank, Calabasas, CA USA wlfrank@...

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