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Members of the German Jewish SIG may be interested in this research blog of
my parents account, since much of it touches on events affecting Jews in
Berlin before the Shoah and in Frankfurt, especially, afterwards.

My father, Rabbiner Dr. Wilhelm Weinberg , was the first Landesrabinner of
Hesse( Germany) after World War II,( I myself was born in Frankfurt) and I
am in the process of recording my family history on line. I have at present
covered his early years, his education in Vienna, Rabbinical school in
Berlin. I will then be covering his escape to the Soviet Union and my
mother's survival as an Aryan in Lwow and Warsaw.

I will then begin to work on the documents that I have >from his period of
service to DP's in Hallein(Austria) and then in Frankfurt.
It is in the form of a blog at present, as I add each new chapter. My latest
is on the last lecture Einstein gave in Berlin for a Jewish charity which my
father organized.

Karmi Sheli-My Vineyard
The Courage of the Spirit: The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th Century
from family accounts and documents

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg Encino, CA 91316 Karmi Sheli-My Vineyard

Reasearching Family Records of WEINBERG( Dolyna/Ukraine, Vienna/Austria,Frankfurt
AM, Germany)

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