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Hello GerSig, I just joined the group.

I'm researching a MAYER family >from New York City (1857-1900s) & Berlin
(1896-1939), but originally >from Vienna/Pressburg [Bratislava].
I have been doing genealogy research for 30 years. I consider myself
to be advanced/intermediate in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in suburban Philadelphia, PA, USA. Although I don't know German,
with effort I have transcribed old German script and use google translate.
I seek assistance to determine the finer nuances of an important
document translation. I consider myself advanced in using a computer
and the Internet.

My primary research goals now are to link other researchers of my German
families, to learn of new German databases becoming available, and to
seek help in locating and/or understanding difficult records.

My primary German Jewish research goals now are to:

1) find more information about "William" MAYER's parents, Jacques/Jakob?
MAYER and Anna MAYER geb. HERZFELD. [Learned >from William MAYER's 1906
Berlin death record.]

I have obtained Anna MAYER's 6 August 1896 Vienna death record and Neue
Freie Presse death announcement and burial information for the Jewish
section of the Central Cemetery in Vienna. She was born in Pressburg
[now Bratislava] about 1799. She was the widow of Jacques/Jakob MAYER, a
"Commissioner" [which occupation sounds like a civil government
appointment of some type].

I have not yet found any information about his father Jacques/Jakob MAYER
other than his occupation noted in his wife's death record (see above).

I find it interesting that William MAYER claimed he was born in Vienna
on 1 January 1835 on three U.S. passport applications in late 1800s &
early 1900s. But I did not find him on the FHL microfilms of the Vienna
Jewish birth records >from 1826-1848.

I am currently researching his MAYER brother, Adolf, who emigrated >from
Vienna to NYC in 1890 with two nieces (Sophie, Rudolfina/Rudolphine) and
a nephew (Max). He was married to a Marie/Maria MAYER geb. MAYER.
They all also claim to have been born in Vienna 1870-1874 on their U.S.
passport applications but are not found in the Vienna Jewish microfilm
records. But in the indexes, I found one Sofie MAYER born 9 Oct. 1862 to
Adolf & Maria (geb. MAYER) MAYER -- No. 3319. [But the microfilm only
had Vienna Jewish births for 1826-1846, 1874+. Does anyone have quick
access to the missing 1847-1873 years?]

Also Charlotte TUTSCH geb. MAYER (husband Adolf) who is likely his
sister and buried with William's mother Anna MAYER in Vienna. Charlotte
was born in 1835 in Pressburg, married 7 March 1877, and died 9 March
1897 in Vienna.

I am planning to research in Vienna 1&2 September. William's obituary
indicated he served as a "Leutnant" in the Austrian Navy at age 19
shortly before leaving for America. I didn't find his name on the list
of Jewish officers in the Austrian army / navy extracted >from the
Kriegsarchiv officers index.

The challenge:
Given Charlotte TUTSCH geb. MAYER b. 1835 appears to conflict with
William's 1 January 1835 birth and she was born in Pressburg,
I may learn that they are not brother and sister or maybe not even

I also hope to check with the Kriegsarchiv officer index to see if
any MAYER in the 1853-1856 Austrian Navy candidates exist possibly
with Wilhelm as a middle name, Vienna or Pressburg home, etc.

Thanks for helpful suggestions or advice to make my very limited two
days available for Vienna research in early September most productive.

James Castellan, Rose Valley, Pennsylvania

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