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In the course of researching my ancestors and compiling a book about
the families of my parents and grandparents, as well as adding my own
memoirs, I have collected a number of books that may contain items
of interest to others. I am willing to check for information and in some
cases loan out an item for a month at a time (cost: for postage only).

* The first group will eventually be
offered/sent to the Leo Baeck Institute, NY or the Jewish Museum Berlin.
* Those they selected [-*] of the second
group will eventually go to the Judaica Library at Stanford University

Genealogy and Memoir Books -

1. The Hallos and the Rubensons by Gertrude Rubensohn Hallo
2. Family Relationships- Erwin Adler (Seattle)
to Zeev(Seev) Steinberg (in Israel)
3. The Neuberg - Aaron Family Chronicles
4. My Family and My Life - Family Chronicles - Gunther Steinberg
5. My Family History - by Klaus Oliven
(Brazil) [ Descendants of Ephraim Meyer, Hannover]
6. The Spiegelbergs - >from Hannover to Cheshire - William Spiegelberg
7. Chronicle of the Schuster Family - by Ernst Schuster
8. Zeev Steinberg - Genealogy of his Family
9. [Michael Rowe - Genealogy papers ] -private
10. Bleicherode Book by Dirk Schmidt
11. Geschichte der Alpener Juden (Peter Schmitter, Alpen)
12. Meyerhof (Hildesheim) - Family Tree by Otto Meyerhof (1931) plus
13. Memoirs of Laura Falk nee DUX (Copy of original German and Translation)
14. Descendants of Wolf DUX and Henriette Ellrodt
(compiled by my cousin Charles Regan)
15. Isaak Kaufmann's Mohel Book - (>from "Carpena Judaica" by Gerd Friedt)
16. Lebenserinnerungen von Julius Kohsen
(Grandfather - Copy of original German)
[Translation included in {4} above]
17. Diary of Resi Regensburger nee Oppenheimer (First cousin, once removed)

Books and Booklets on Genealogy and Related History

- "Insel der Geborgenheit - Kaliski
Schule..l" by Busemann, Daxner and Foelling
- "Zwischen deutscher und juedischer
Identitaet (Kaliski School students) by Werner Foelling
- Berlin - Hauptstadt fuer Deutschland (Dokumenation Berlin)
- ">from Berlin to New York " (Carl Neuberg,
Biochem Nobelist) by B.Lohff and H. Conrads
- "Stories of an Exhibition" (Jewish Museum Berlin)
- "The Warburgs" by Ron Chernow
- "M. Kempinski & Co." by Elfi Pracht
- "Juden in Geseke - Dokumentation der Friedhoefe und Geschichte
der Familien by Arbeitskreis: Jued.. Familien in Geseke
- "Family Portrait - History and Genealogy of
Gottschalk, Molling and Benjamin Families
>from Hannover, Germany" by Thomas Krakauer
- "My Family and My Life and Family Chronology " by Gunther Steinberg
- "The Memoirs of Glueckel fo Hameln" (Translated) by M. Lowenthal
- "Nazis, Women and Molecular Biology - Memoirs
of a Lucky Self-Hater" by Gunther Stent
- Fragen an die Deutsche Gechichte - Historical
Exhibition in the Berlin Reichstag Catalogue, 4th Edition
-* Reichsfuehrer durch das Juedische Deutschland by P. Hirsch & B.A. Lopez
-* Berliner Rathaus by R. Melzer
-* "..auf freiem Platze als freier Tempel befreiter Brueder"
- Aspekte juedischen Lebens in Hildesheim 1848-1938
-* Hildesheim 5/95 (Brochure)
-* Heinrich Stahl (1868-1942) [ a talk by Hermann Simon 4 November 1993]
- "Carpena Judaica" - Geschichte der Kerpener
Juden seit dem Mittelalter" by Gerd Friedt
- "Ich habe Koeln doch so geliebt -
Lebensgschichte juedischer Koelnerinnen und Koelner by Barbara Becker-Jakli
- "Hitler's Willing Executioners - Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
- "The Warsaw Ghetto - A Photographic Record 1941-1944 by Joel J. Heydecker
-* "Die Brennende Stadt 27.3.1945 (Paderborn) byHermann Biekr
-* "Von ihren Leuten wohnt hier keener mehr" - Jueische Familien Paderborn in
der Ziet des Nazionalsocialismus by Margit Naarmann
- "Die Paderborner Juden 1802-1945" by Margit Naarman
-* 150 Jahre Harmonie-Gesellschaft Paderborn - 1828 - 1978
- Aus Geschichte und Leben der Juden in Westfalen - by Hans Ch. Meyer
-* plus 11 Misc. Books and booklets about Paderborn (in German)

Gunther Steinberg, Portola Valley CA 94028

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