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Roger Lustig

The Bavarian army didn't award the Eiserne Kreuz (Iron Cross,
abbreviated EK) until WW II. Before then it was strictly Prussian.

If he had been Prussian and at the front in the First World War
for any length of time, especially as an officer, he'd have received
at least the 2nd-class Iron Cross and probably the 1st. Over 4
million EK2 were awarded during WW I; and about 150,000 EK1.

Do you know the unit he served in? Much German WW I stuff is lost,
though the Bavarian muster books--with great detail--are available and
indexed at

Roger Lustig, Princeton, NJ, research co-ordinator, GerSIG

On 9/2/2011 11:07 PM, Helen Levy wrote:
arl (Karl) LEVI, born 1872 in Freudental, the son of David LEVI and
Mathilde WEIL, was an officer in the German army. Family rumor is that
he received the Iron Cross? How can I research that he did?

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