German SIG #Germany Re: "Declaration of Means" - can one collect from these assets? #germany

Andreas Schwab <andreas.schwab@...>

Assets in German accounts were forfeited if not declared on a special
form called "Ablieferung von Bargeld und Anmeldung von
Reichsmarkkonten bei Geldinstituten" (Handing in of cash and
registration of accounts in reichsmarks at financial institutions).
The deadline was 26 June 1948.
Even then, one part of the assets were devaluated 1:10, another one
later 6.5:100, and what was left was scrapped altogether.
See (in German):

Andreas Schwab, Beaconsfield, Canada <>

On 10 Sep 2011, Barbara Algaze wrote:
Included amongst their belongings are bank account numbers for
assets held at Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank.
Does anyone know if it is possible, at this late date, for
descendants of
these women to collect against these bank accounts?

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