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Jack Hubert

Please allow me to introduce myself. I have been a member BUT not active.
I admit of the New York Jewish Genealogy Society since the nineteen eightys.
I have attended the conferences in Washington, Philalephia, and New York. I
have been a member of Jewish Gen for years and at the last conference
decided to join the German Special Interest Group.

I consider myself an Intermediate as far as Genealogy research is
concerned. My father was born in the small village of Cronheim in Bavaria. My
mother maiden name ROTHSCHILD was born in the town of Schluchtern in Hessen. I
have been able to obtain information not complete of course on the family
tree on both sides of my family >from the seventeen eightys forward.

Does anyone know of a yizkor book >from Schluchtern or Cronheim which covers
even earlier years?

I have a question conerning German Army Military Records >from the First
World war. How can I obtain my father's military service records?

Through Ancestry.Com I was able to get the records pertaining to one
of my father's brothers. He served with a Bavarian unit. My father I
was told served with a unit thought Prussian. My other uncle had served
with a supply unit. I was able to obtain the unit designations and places
where my father' unit had served.

I have been to the counselate In New York who forwarded my request to the
embassy in Washington D.C. >from there my request was sent to Potsdam and
then to Berlin. In other words the run around. Thanking in advance

Jack Hubert Jackhubert01@...

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