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John Paul Lowens <jplowens@...>

This ketubah is >from 1895. With help >from the first ViewMate response
I know now that the bride is Emma LOEWENSTEIN, b.4/22/1870, older
sister of my grandfather. She married Sigmund WEINGAERTNER b. 5/30/1871
in Flehhingen, Baden. Does the document provide any other
genalogical information?

Other family members married in Darmstadt were married by a Rabbi
AUERBACH who may have been a distant cousin.

from other sources I know that Emma's brother, Baruch gen. Bernhard
LĂ–WENSTEIN married Sigmund's sister Ricke WEINGAERTNER b. Dec. 10, 1869.

Does anyone have more information about this WEINGAERTNER family from
Flehingen? I am particularly interested in the BARTH branch of that family.

Is most of the text of this document traditional and not particular to
the couple being married?

Link to the View-Mate Image and notes:

Many thanks, John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC JPLowens@...

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