German SIG #Germany Willy Rosen "Die Promeninten" Troupe Photo on Viewmate... Plus Dutch Royal Library Online Resource #germany

Alan Ehrlich

I already have individually thanked all the Gersig members who responded
directly to me in response to my post. The information you so kindly
provided was very useful.

Additionally, I want to thank C. Massur who responded exclusively via
Viewmate in which case I couldn't reply directly.

Included in these replies was a link to the Netherland's Royal Library
online database that could also be of interest to other Gersigers for your
research: All important Dutch newspapers >from the
period are on-line and easily searchable there... and can even be translated
on-the-fly by using Google translate.

from both a functionality and user interface point of view, this is absolutely
the best and most flexible online library resource I've ever come upon.

Friendly regards, Alan Ehrlich, Geneva, Switz.

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