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It would be for the best if you could give some name of the family you
are looking for!


Stephane Toublanc
Paris - France

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Subject: [frenchsig] StPetersburg ---> Paris 1860s, maybe a banker

This is my first post here. In fact, I joined this SIG for the prupose
of this inquiry.

I am trying to learn some more about a Jewish family that went >from St
Petersburg Russia to Paris France in the late 1860s.

One daughter was born in St Petersburg in December 1865 and this woman
had specific memories of eating rats during the 1870-71 winter famine in

We are trying to determine what was behind the move and specifically if
the father was employed by one of the banks. Does anyone have any idea
what information might be available regarding bank personnel in Paris
late 1860s (or St Petersburg 1850s and early 1860s)?

Israel Pickholtz

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