German SIG #Germany Another "archaic"cause of death (not just Prussian) #germany

Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz331@...>

Thanks to Arnold Chamove for compiling the list of "archaic" causes of
death. I'd like to add this one, not specific to Prussia but
unfortunately specific to this age. My relative, Julie SCHMALBACH
(geb. KOHN) of Schwanfeld, died in Jan. 1834, of "Milchfeber":
mastitis, ie infection/inflammation of the lactating breast, two
months after the death of her eighth baby in 12 years. As a side
note, husband Josef Wolf SCHMALBACH married later that same year; new
wife Berta LONNERSTAEDTER produced eight more children in the next 13 years.

Judith Berlowitz, Oakland, CA jberlowitz331@...

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