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When I was a youngster, I attended a school that my father said had been
called " Bais Yaakov" ( but not a girl's school) on the upper side of
Manhattan. I asked him years later why he sent me there, and he said that
the Principal had been involved in the shipping of weapons to Israel( then
Palestine) >from Czechoslovakia.
I have identified the school as being associated with the Heichal Moshe
Congregation ( by Rabbi Lev Lvi
(possibly a typo- in other places, I have seen Zev Zvi)Vorhand and still run
by his son, Rabbi Moshe Vorhand. This is the text:
"Before the war, Rabbi Vorhand was Chief Rabbi of Czechoslovakia and played
a large role in arranging illegal transport of 1500 Jews to Palestine on the
onset of the Holocaust in 1939. After being liberated >from a concentration
camp near the end of the war, he again became a great force of movement for
displaced European Jews and set out to rescue refugees by arranging for
their passports to safe residency."
I would appreciate it if anyone has more information about him. Thank you,

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg norofra@... Encino, CA

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