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Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

I'm responding to the list because this illustrates a technique that
is often useful.

Elizabeth Levy's problems have nothing to do with her location in
Israel. Time restricts access to its online archives to subscribers. A
subscriber could look this up and send it. But then the request would
have to be interpreted as a request for a lookup in a
subscription-only archive, which would be a violation of JewishGen
policy. Elizabeth wisely expressed her request as being addressed to
people with access to actual back issues, which is not a problem;
library research is a dying but still important art.

Fortunately, neither misuse of someone else's subscription nor a trip
to the library is necessary to find this article. The trick is to
search for a distinctive string of words in the portion of the article
that's available. The original article apparently contained the words
"Leviathan Levy", which got mangled by OCR to "Levia than Levy".
Googling "Levia than Levy" leads to the abbreviated Time article but
also to a pro wrestling forum where what appears to be the entire
article was copied:

In general, don't give up too easily when you can't find a whole
article. Identifying a distinctive string of words and searching for
it may lead you to alternative sources. The trick is to find a string
of words that wouldn't be likely to occur, or at least not very often,
in other contexts.

Dick Plotz, Manager of Mailing Lists JewishGen, Inc.

Elizabeth Levy <levyliz@...> wrote:

Google helped me find a snip >from an article about my great uncle,
heavyweight wrestler Martin Levy, in Time Magazine >from 1936.
It reads: "...No athlete, Levia than Levy is actually a victim of both
elephantiasis and a weak heart."

Here in Israel I'm having problems reading the article through the website.

If you have access to back issues of "Time" and could help me
I'd be very grateful.

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