German SIG #Germany Intro; STRAUS, KAHN, HIRSCH, ROOS families from the Pfalz #germany

Peter Straus


I've been enrolled in JewishGen for many years now, and have subscribed to
GerSIG since last Summer, but have not posted until now. I've been
off-and-on investigating my family's origin for 50 years--most of my
life--but more seriously the past 20 years or so. I would characterize
myself as somewhere between intermediate and advanced as a researcher, hail
from New York but now live in San Francisco, and speak English with a
moderate facility in German. I'd say I'm a fairly advanced computer user,
and extensive Internet user. My native genealogy program is WFT, I have
over 2000 individuals in my primary file going back to the early 1800s on
many strands, a few earlier. My JGFF ID is 71145. Whew; so much for intro.

My family on both sides hails >from the Pfalz, but (apart >from where the
families crossed) is much better documented on my mother's side than my
father's. My maternal tree is replete with the names LOEB, BRUECK,
Sternheimers--but not [yet] the Baers--have a connection to the families of
frequent and recent contributor Ralph Baer; the KAUFMANNs are the same clan
as is tied to the Pittsburgh department strores, etc.)

The biggest mysteries of my family are on my father's maternal line, where
the tree goes back only to great grandparents Adolf KAHN and Sophie HIRSCH.
(My father's paternal lineage folds back into my mother's.) Adolf KAHN was
born 25 Dec 1848 and died 25 Feb 1923; his bride Sophie HIRSCH was born 29
Apr 1854 and died 13 Nov 1923.

While I don't know where they were born or died, most or all of their children,
all girls, Martha, Kathinka, Selma, Getty and Johanna (Jenny), were born
in Limburg-an-der-Lahn.

Martha married Josef STRAUS of Goellheim, and then lived in Nierstein-am-Rhein
(it is possible their parents and siblings had also moved to Nierstein), and
eventually emigrated to New York.

I would greatly appreciate any knowledge or insights GerSIGgers may have into
the families of Adolf and/or Sophie.
Listing on the JewishGen site has failed to turn up any leads.

My second most important loose end concerns my earliest known STRAUS, Isaak
(or Eisek), born 1760, who died in Goellheim in 1840 and was married to
Regina ROOS of Offenbach-am-Glan. They and their descendents remained in
Goellheim about 150 years until Josef and his brothers left. I've tried to
track various ROOS leads but have failed to connect any to Regina.

Any assistance >from the GerSIG community would be most appreciated.

(Parenthetically, the recent discussion of river drownings reminded me of
Moses ABRAHAM, an ancestor of those STERNHEIMERs, who didn't drown, but died
when he broke his neck, as well as the neck of his horse, when the horse
stumbled while crossing a pontoon bridge over the Rhein. Proximity to
rivers seems to have been a precarious proposition back then, bridge or no
bridge. And coincidentally a greeting to Renee Stern Steinig--a high school
classmate--whose post appeared right below one of the drowning-thread
entries the other day. A tight community GerSIG appears to be!)

Pter Sraus, pstrausSF@... San Francisco

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