German SIG #Germany "One-Off" Dates, and the KAHN and HIRSCH families of Limburg an der Lahn #germany

Peter Straus

To begin, I am grateful to the several GerSIG subscribers who have responded
to my post about the KAHN and HIRSCH families of Limburg an der Lahn, as
well as the STRAUS and ROOS families, and particularly to Herr Gerhard Buck
of Idstein, Germany.

In his recent posted reply (GerSIG Digest 4 Apr 2012), Herr Buck in passing
raises another subject of interest, which I have never seen discussed, but
which surely many others have encountered, namely the frequency of
occurrence of dates which are exactly one day off >from those culled from
other sources. Frequently, but not always, this discrepancy appears between
family records and official sources. My current theory is that these
"one-off" discrepancies derive >from the mismatch between civil dates
(midnight-to-midnight) and Jewish religious dates (sundown-to-sundown). But
surely someone has investigated this?

I am indebted to Herr Buck for identifying an Adolf KAHN of Limburgh, and in
emails suggesting at least two generations of predecessors--his father and
grandmother--also >from Limburgh. Indeed, Internet-accessible cemetery
records do document several generations of presumably interrelated KAHN,
HIRSCH and ROSENTHAL family members in Limburgh. The mystery, or one of
them, remains how these family members are related, and Herr Buck has helped
me start unraveling that web. I am continuing to pursue this with Herr
Buck, and in particular what documentation can be located recording these

Peter Straus, San Francisco, USA pstrausSF@...

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