German SIG #Germany New KehilaLinks Site for Schmieheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany #germany

Peter Dreifuss

Dear Fellow Gersigers,

Many of you may know that the Kehilalinks site for Schmieheim went
live on JewishGen recently. I hope this is only the beginning of
the Schmieheim site for those with interests and ancestors in the
former Province of Baden, and that we can build upon it to create
a fitting memorial to the lives and the lost Jewish community there.

Schmieheim is located at 48°17 N, 07°52' E, in the Ortenaukreis (district)
of Western Baden-Wuerttemberg located near the Rhine River. Close to
Schmieheim is the well-known Jewish Cemetery that served many Jewish
communities in the historical Baden region of Germany. Records on
obtaining information on the Jewish communities are discussed in the
site (>from books on the well preserved cemetery and >from the Ortsippenbucher).

I hope you can help by contributing family stories, family pictures,
suggestions, or anything at all that will enrich the value of the site.
I very much welcome your comments, help, suggestions and/or encouragement.

You can find the new site at

Yours Sincerely, Peter Dreifuss, Burtonsville, MD

German Research Interests:
DREIFUSS and WEIL (Altdorf), BERNHEIM(ER) and SCHNURMANN (Schmieheim),
BLOCH (Emmendingen, Berne Switzerland), SOMMER (Sierentz, Alsace)
Vollmerz, Schluchtern, Flieden)

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