German SIG #Germany Missing METZL family member/s #germany

Frankie Blei <frankieblei@...>

My late father, Paul BERMANN (changed to BURMAN in Australia early
1940s) had a maternal cousin Alesander METZL ( born Vienna 1919 &
died Cologne 1994) who somehow survived the Holocaust in Germany and
afterwards married Margareta nee GELLER or GAILER (born 1921
Dussldorf) in Cologne. They had a baby in the early 1950s and by
1953 were apparently separated and Alex used to have access to the
baby to walk him in a park in Vienna once a week on Sundays.

Would anyone know anything about Alexander and/or his (ex) wife and
especially the child who would now be in his late 50s and my second
cousin please contact me. Many thanks

Frankie Blei, Melbourne, Australia

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