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Andreas Schwab <andreas.schwab@...>

Renee Steinig asked about obtaining vital records from
Frankfurt using an internet system. ========>

I recently obtained a marriage certificate of 1844 >from Frankfurt. I did
not use the form, instead I emailed my request to:
I asked for a photocopy of the marriage record, which I obtained. If you
want to use the form, put a number under "Registerausdruck". In the
field for "Berechtigung" (entitlement) mention "Schutzfrist abgelaufen"
(protection period ended). under "Zwecke" (purpose) put
"Familienforschung" (family research). You will probably be billed.

German authorities normally do not accept credit card payments or checks
from non-European banks, so you will have extra expenses for wiring the
fee except if you have (or know somebody who has) a European bank account.

Records >from 1894 are exempt >from privacy restrictions: the rule is
birth records: 110 years
marriage records: 80 years
death records: 30 years

Birth records always contain the parents' names.

Andreas Schwab, Beaconsfield, Canada <>

Renee Stern Steinig, Dix Hills, New York, USA <> wrote:
Has anyone out there ordered Frankfurt birth records via this website:[_id_inhalt]=5893305
I hope to order a cousin's 1894 birth record and am wondering...
-- whether records >from the 1890s are exempt >from privacy restrictions
-- whether the records will include parents' names
-- whether there's anything I need to know about options before hitting "send"

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