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Reihe "Orte juedischer Geschichte und Kultur"
Series on Jewish history and culture (list of towns below)

The series "Places of Jewish History and Culture" now contains more
than 40 separate booklets on local evidence and traces of Jewish
history. The booklets refer to communities and projects and makes
suggestions for visitors.

The booklets measure 15cm x 15cm, are richly illustrated and include a map,
a bibliography, as well as important information (phone numbers,
contact addresses, etc.)useful in preparation for a visit or as a basis for
further research. A subscription series is possible. The leaflet
prices are 2, 2.50 and 3 Euros each.

*** Identify these and all towns, cities and other geographic names using the
JewishGen Gazetteer
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Augsburg: Die Synagoge 32 pages Bad Buchau 16 Baisingen 32 Buchen 32

Buttenwiesen 36 pages, Creglingen 40pages, Emmendingen 32 Eschwege 32

Esslingen: Juedischer Viehhandel (Jewish cattle trade) 44 pages

Esslingen 32 pages, Ettenheim 36 Forchheimer Land 16 pages,

Gedenkorte in Fuerth 16 pages, Synagoge in Fuerth 16, Stiftung in Fuerth 16

Haigerloch 16 pages, Hungen 32 Hechingen 32

Synagoge Hechingen 32 pages, Huerben 16 Kienheim 20 Koenigsbach 32

Laupheim 32 pages, Ludwigsburg 32 MainSpessartKreis 52

Synagoge Memmelsdorf 32 Miltenberg 16 Moenchsroth 16

Neuwied 32 pages, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse 40

Offenburg 16 pages Perleberg 20 Pforzheim 36

Rotenburg/Fulda 32 pages, Rothenburg o. d. Tauber. 32 Rottweil 16

Ruesselsheim 32 pa;ges, St. Ingbert 16, Schnaittach 16, Speyer 32

Tuebingen 36 Ulm 32 Kulturmuseum Veitshoechheim 16

========== Buecher / Books ============

Bildband Juedische Gotteshaeuser und Friedhoefe in Wuerttemberg /
Jewish houses of worship and cemeteries in Wurttemberg 142 pages

Dokumentation Eroeffnung des Stuttgarter Lehrhauses / Document marking
the opening of the Stuttgart (Jewish) schoolhouse 42 pages
Blick zurueck / Looking Back 88 p.
Dr. Caesar Hirsch ein juedisches Arztschicksal in Stuttgart
Dr. Caesar Hirsch - The Fate of a Jewish doctor in Stuttgart
Glueck, ganz besonderes Glueck / Fortunately, very very lucky 104 p. click "Liste aller Publikationen"

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