German SIG #Germany Finding information in archived list messages and getting copies of old list messages #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

A recent message >from a GerSIG subscriber prompts me to post this
reminder to all:

Every message posted to GerSIG and other email lists hosted by
JewishGen is saved in the SIG archives.
The SIG archives are easily searched using the search engine at:

That link appears at the end of every GerSIG list message your receive.

You can also request copies of past GerSIG list messages for a specific date
or date range. For example, all GerSIG list messages for April 1,
2012 or April 1-30, 2012

That is done by email to:

To request past GerSIG list messages for one single date:

Subject of your email: Get Gersig YYYYMMDD
(YYYY = year MM = month DD = day - always 8 digits
For April 1, 2012 - Get Gersig 20120401)

To request GerSIG list messages for a range of dates:

Subject of your email: Get Gersig YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD

To get all GerSIG messages of April, 2012:
Get Gersig 20120401-20120430

Do not put spaces between the date numbers
You do not need to put any text in the message box

You must have a JewishGen ID number and you must be a subscriber to
the SIG list you are requesting.

I suggest that this message be copied and saved for your future reference.

GerSIG Moderator

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