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Thanks to Fritz neubauer, Omer Vanvoorden and Roger Lustig for
catching my late night mistake regarding the location of Aachen whose
Jewish cemetery records have been added to the JewishGen Online
Worldwide Burial Registry - JOWBR.

Aachen is really located in a nook of Germany southwest of Cologne /
Koeln and southeast of Maastricht (Holland). The German town borders
on Belgium to the south and The Netherlands to the north.

"Aachen" does not generate a hit with the JewishGen Gazetteer but
Kreis Aachen does, as does:
"Kreisfreie Stadt Aachen, Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle, Aquae Grani"
50=B046' N 6=B006' E.

I regret my mistake. It was late and for some reason I was thinking of
Alzey, a town south of Mainz and Wiesbaden.

I should have known better. In 1971 I spent a rainy afternoon standing
beside a highway (4) in Aachen trying to hitchhike to Frankfurt. After
waiting for hours in the rain I gave up and took trains. That was the
end of my European hitchhiking career.

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