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I can say in response, that the volume of "Memoires Juives en Alsace",
of A. A. Fraenckel, which lists over 5000 marriage contracts in Alsace
filed with Notaries, >from 1701-1791, and for which my husband and I
created a 2-volume index, shows clearly that there were many who had
hereditary family names in Alsace in those years. I can trace back my
own family names into the 1600's and earlier. And the same is true for
the early families in Moselle.

In 1784 the largest Jewish community in France was in Alsace, followed
by Lorraine, and then the region of the Comtat-Venaissin in the south
(mostly Sephardic. The smallest community at that date was in Paris,
which had only about 500 Jews. In Alsace there were over 20,000.
Many were toponyms, patronyms or based on a trade. Many were still
retained when the Napoleonic Decree of 1808 was put into force.

Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA
Co-Coordinator FrenchSIG

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The name MAY may be a special case, as it is a Kohen name
like KATZ. MAY supposedly stands for "Mizzera Aharon

Israel Pickholtz

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I had a relative in Alsace who appears in the 1789
Census whose family had a surname, MAY...

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