Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive, Paris # 97 #france

Ernest Kallmann

This is the last issue of Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive :

/The origin in //Metz// of the Alsatian family Grotwohl : Part2: a
single ancestor for //Alsace//./

Guy Worms in the first part of his article has mainly used the
traditional Ashkenazi naming pattern to infer that a common ancestor,
Ephraim, links all the Alsatian Grotwohls. Now he exploits the available
research media (pre-marriage contracts by A.A. Fraenckel, 1784 census,
1808 name adoption lists by P. Katz, and links a high majority of all
Grotwohl and namesakes in a descendency table of some 400 individuals.

Denis Ingold

/The Brunschwig family in Uffholtz/

Abraham Braunschweig, Jew >from Uffholtz, is mentioned in 1621, while
crossing the toll at Thann, after a citation in a theft trial in 1617.
He survived the Thirty-Year War and his descendency is known. Three as
yet unrelated Brunschwig were present around 1700 in Uffholtz. The
author describes the most important members of the Brunschwig family
during the 18^th century, using civil, Christian and Jewish sources.

Erika Apfelbaum

/Once a day my family in Little //Poland/.

The quest described by Erika Apfelbaum originates in the question asked
by her five year-old grand-daughter : “How was your own contact with
your grandma?”. She indeed had seen her grandmother for the last time at
the same age, just before the start of WWII, and after the war, the
topic became more or less taboo. Her model is Daniel Mendelsohn (/The
lost/), and she was lucky to discover a performing interpreter who
guided her during her trips. She was also lucky that her ancestors lived
in three towns located on the railway line Krakow- Przemysl and thus
made her journeys relatively simple. In her article she recalls the
people, places and events of her various voyages to Poland. The
genealogy of her 3 first generations of ancestors and a little more owes
little to documentary research and shows that it is no less gratifying.

Ernest Kallmann, Paris, France
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