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Barbara Algaze

I would like to thank Joseph Fibel for his suggestion for us old timers to
repost our brick walls even if we did not get satisfactory responses the
first time around. Along those lines, I would like to post MY brick wall.

My great grandmother was Helene KANTOREK (also spelled as KANTOROWICZ or
KANTOROWITZ or KANTROWICZ). She was born in 1821 in Samter, Posen, Germany
(now Szamotuly, Poland). She married Pinkus (Pinchas) Leibusch COHN who was
born in 1814 in Tischtiegel, Posen, West Prussia (now Trzciel, Poland).
Together they had seven COHN children, all born in Samter.....Israel
(Ignatz), Louis, Johanna, Heinrich, Fabisch (Felix), Rieke
(Henriette/Jenny), and Rosa. Helene died in 1909 in Posen, Germany (now
Poznan, Poland).

I would like to learn more about my great grandmother's parents or siblings.
All I know is that her Father was named Heinrich Kantorek and her Mother was
named Jenny Ettisch. Any connections or suggestions for further research
would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Algaze, Los Angeles, California Algaze3@...

Joseph Fibel wrote:
I cannot stress enough, the necessity of researchers, both novice and
experienced to post their carefully worded questions on Gersig.
Even if you have posted similar inquiries previously, do it again
after some time has elapsed. That's why our SIGs exist.

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