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Ellen Lukas Kahn

I have just had great news through my posting a month ago on GerSig and
wanted to express my appreciation.

Yvonne Stern >from Rio de Janeiro emailed me last Friday with information
about a relative whom I never knew existed and put me in touch with him
and his wife. It turns out that we have the same great great-grandfather!

Over the 30 years that I have been searching for family, it has been almost
impossible to find information about my father's ancestors. This gentleman,
slightly older than my oldest son, is my third cousin on my father's
paternal side. His family returned to, and lives in, the same town in
Germany in which our grandfathers were born.

This past weekend we have been busy transmitting emails, family trees,
and photos over the internet. I was amazed to see that there is a
striking similarity between this gentleman and my only first cousin
(>from the same side of the family) as well as to my oldest son.

Because the ancestors of both my husband and myself all lived for
centuries in Germany, I have been successful in many genealogical
searches over the years.

Through making contacts by way of regular mail, email, telephone and
even a few long distance visits, I was able to connect with long lost
cousins in England, South America and Australia.

The success that I am writing about today is strictly due to GerSig and
JewishGen. Today I am sending a donation to JewishGen which I hope helps
to convey my appreciation.

I want to thank not only Yvonne Stern, and Leo Hoenig (who helped me
with the German translations) but all of the people who responded
to my GerSig posting, to the GerSig moderator, and especially to GerSig.

It is amazing that what took me months of struggle in the early 1980s
can be accomplished so quickly nowadays via the Internet and JewishGen.

Ellen Lukas Kahn, Homewood, IL
(Co-founder and past president of the Illiana Jewish Genealogical Society)

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