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Eva Lawrence

Does anyone know anything about the Swiss portrait painter Hans Joachim
BRUNSCHWEILER (1770-1853)? So far I've gleaned the information that he
worked in the town of Frauenfeld, Thurgau, Switzerland in 1830. Was he
Jewish? The reason I ask is that I possess a small oval portrait of a lady I
believe to be my ggggrandmother, Esther (Ernestine) HONIG (1813-1843) >from
Furth (Fuerth) which bears the inscription Frauenfeld 1830. She married my
ggggrandfather Anselm UNGER in Bonn in 1832, but I've no further
information about her movements. So at the moment, I can't find any
connection between her and the artist or the town. The art museum in
Frauenfeld couldn't help, though they did write that the portrait looked
like a typical example of Swiss and German portraiture of that date, and
the attribution was 'not unlikely'.

Eva Lawrence, St Albans, UK

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