German SIG #Germany Re: INTRO - Searching family RAU in Strasburg, West Prussia to St. Louis #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear John:


NALDEX, the Name Adoption List inDEX for Germany's Jews, doesn't show
any RAUs in Strasburg in 1845--or elsewhere in Prussia, which is the
bulk of the area covered by the database so far. (There were a few in
East Prussia, but we don't have surname-adoption lists >from there.) But
there was a RAUTENBERG family in Strasburg, though the only children
listed as of 1845 were named Ferdinand and David.

In 1848 there was a RAUTENBERG-COHN marriage in Strasburg. You'll have
to contact the Polish State Archive in Torun for more info on that
event, though.

Good luck with your searches--and let us know what you find!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

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