German SIG #Germany Re: Germany not mentioned in KehilaLinks Project Report for February 2013 #germany

"Rodney Eisfelder" <eisfelder@...>

While Germany rarely gets a mention in KehilaLinks Project reports, there
*** was *** one entry this month that falls in GerSIG's sphere of interest:

Pila (Schneidemuhl), Poland
Schneidemuehl, Posen was part of Prussia/Germany for virtually all
of the 19th century.

I was peripherally involved in the research for this episode of
"Who Do You Think You Are"
The episode has a number of scenes shot in Pila / Schneidemuehl.

I informed the program's producers about Peter Cullman's book
"History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemuhl: 1641 to the Holocaust"

Rodney Eisfelder, Melbourne, Australia <>

Moderator note: Thanks to Rodney Eisfelder for this important
correction. In this case, the Moderator simply overlooked the
German town name in the Community Links (Kehila Links) report.

Sometimes, though, KehilaLinks and Yizkor Book reports include
only Polish town names of once German towns.
Please let GerSIG know if a community that is "within GerSIG's
sphere of interest" is mentioned in one of these two monthly reports
>from JewishGen.
The Pila / Schneidemuehl pages are largely the work of GerSIG's
charter member, Peter Simonstein Cullman. They are well worth
a visit. eg. "At Yad Vashem, on the Mount of Remembrance in
Israel, the community of Schneidemuehl, one of 4,500 destroyed
communities, is commemorated in stone, together with others of
Pomerania, Posen and West Prussia."
Thanks to Peter Cullman and Rodney Eisfelder. GerSIGmod

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