German SIG #Germany Re: Questions about a JOWBR entry for a Buchenwald victim - Michael ORLOW #germany

Tobias A. Kemper <kemper@...>

Lin Herz asked about a JOWBR entry for her cousin,
Michael ORLOW. [some details follow below.]
<I don't understand. I don't understand why he would be in a
cemetery, since he was murdered by the Nazis. ?? I didn't know that any
of those lost were buried- and that there would be burial notes and all.
Hello Lin,
as I understand, Michael Orlow has died in Buchenwald Concentration
Camp. Two facts are important:

a) Michael ORLOW died in early 1940, i.e. about two years before the
Wannsee Conference and before the "official" beginning of the shoa. In
this time, Jews have been killed or died in Nazi concentration camps,
but they were not killed systematically in this time.

b) Buchenwald was not an extermination Camp like Auschwitz, Majdanek
etc. in eastern Europa. Buchenwald was primarly used to keep both Jewish and
non-Jewish prisoners and to force them to slave labor, but it was not
used to kill them.

I presume that Michael Orlow has died of hunger or illness or maybe was
murdered in another way, but at this early time, the relatives got the
ashes of their dead relatives to bury them.

The victims of the NS "euthanasia" in 1940/41 were burnt to ashes, and
then the relatives got some ashes in a post parcel to bury them (but in
most cases, really "some" ashes, not of exactly their murdered family member).

Tobias Kemper in Germany

Name: Michael Orlow, Birth Date:abt 1883, Death Date: 2 Jan 1940,
Death Place: Buchenwald, Age at Death: 57, Burial Date:9 Feb 1940
Burial Plot: Section: T4 Group: 020 A Row: 28 Grave: 23
Burial Place: Vienna, Austria
Comments: Address: 1090, Servitengasse 4, Comments: Urne

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