German SIG #Germany INTRO - researching MONESAVITCH family perhaps from Germany #germany

Beryl and Gabi Otvos <berylandgabi@...>

Hello GerSig,
I have just joined the group and have been doing genealogy research
for 2 years. I consider myself to be a beginner in doing German Jewish
Genealogy research.
I live in a London suburb in the UK and my native language is English.
I have a reasonable grasp of French and as my husband is originally
from Hungary, translations >from that language is available to me too.
I consider myself intermediate in using a computer and my experience
in using the internet is extensive.

I have identified the names, birth years and death dates of my
grandparents and the names of my great grandfathers.
My primary research goals now are to be able to find out exactly where
my grandparents came >from and when they came to the UK.

My paternal grandmother's UK 1901 census information said
that she came >from Germany and her 1911 information said
that she came >from Poland.

My JGFF Researcher ID is 476744
The family names and ancestral towns that I have entered in the JGFF
MONESAVITCH - Germany, town unknown, to UK before July,1888
MINOSAVITCH - Lomza or Plock gubernias, Poland before July,1888
BOTSTEIN - Kyyiv or Minsk via Brody to London, UK in July 1911
LANDSMAN - Brody to London, UK probably in July, 1911
BOJN - Lomza or Plock gubernias to UK before July,1888
GOLDSTEIN - Poland, possibly >from Lomza or Plock gubernias to London,
before July,1888.

Beryl Otvos, London, UK

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