German SIG #Germany Re: Preserving our genealogy work for posterity - [CJH] #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear all:
The Center for Jewish History--especially the Leo Baeck Institute--is
not limited to the NYC area. It has pioneered the practice of putting
archival collections on-line where they are available to all. Many
family collections are already available for viewing and download. For
those whose families came >from Germany, it is the most important archive
in the Western Hemisphere.

As I mentioned, they take copies and do not demand exclusivity. So, as
Robert suggests, it's possible to donate the same material to several
archives. But the benefits of having a large, presumably permanent
organization *managing* the on-line resources (as opposed to, say, a
personal web page) should be considered too.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

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