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We are going to set a Stolperstein (stumbling block) in Chemnitz to
remember Bernhard STIEGLITZ. He was born in 1910 in Nordhausen
(Thuringia). His parents were Abraham STIEGLITZ and Berta STIEGLITZ n.
SPATZ. They were born in Kalusz.

Bernhard Stieglitz worked as pastry cook in the department store
SCHOCKEN in Chemnitz. In 1933 he was dismissed because of illness. Later
he was a patient of the mental home in Zschadrass (Saxony). In August
1939 he was deported to Poland.

His parents lived later in Wesermuende and were deported in October,
1938 to Poland. Abraham and Berta Stieglitz were killed in the Ghetto Minsk.

We are looking for information about the life of Bernhard STIEGLITZ
before 1932 and after 1939. We believe, he was killed in autumn 1939 in
one of the mental homes in occupied Poland.

Who may help us to find more information about Bernhard STIEGLITZ and
his parents, about their suffering?

All advice and information are very welcome.

Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Chemnitz, Germany

Researching: STIEGLITZ Kalusz - Nordhausen - Wesermuende - Chemnitz
- Zschadrass (Saxony) - Bentschen (Zbaszyn) - Minsk

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