German SIG #Germany Posen (city): 508,265 record images now available #germany

Roger Lustig

...and that's just A through L and the beginning of M!

The Polish State Archive at Poznan has uploaded over half a million
images--about 250,000 two-sided cards--of the city's residence
registers. These list all the members of a household, usually with
vital events plus dates and places of arrival, departure, etc. Sometimes
parents are listed too. The amount of information on just one of these
cards can be staggering--dates of birth, death, marriage, etc. for a
whole family, and where to look for them before or after they lived in Posen.
will show you an example of what I'm talking about.

The population of Posen was almost 11% Jewish in 1880; about 5% in
1903. 7,000 Jews in 1880; 5,000 in 1903.

Gdansk has published a smaller collection of these already, and I know of
several other cities in today's Poland for which these cards have survived.

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