German SIG #Germany A second gravestone inscription from the Bechhofen (Bavaria) Jewish Cemetery #germany

Ralph Baer

I submitted to a transcription of an inscription >from a gravestone in the
Bechhofen (Mittelfranken, Bavaria) Jewish cemetery to Viewmate:

It is for my 5-great-grandfather Jekuthiel Loeb LEVI (S'G'L) of
Gunzenhausen (my mother's male line). I greatly appreciate any
assistance in translating the descriptive words.

Last week, I posted the transcription of the gravestone (VM28306) of his
first wife who died young and probably was not my ancestor. The stone for
his second wife, who was probably my ancestor, has apparently succumbed to
time or man. Thanks again to everyone who helped in that translation. This
one has survived better than VM28306, but is probably about 60 years newer
(1803). The original is at:

Ralph N. Baer RalphNBaer@... Washington, DC

Please thank those who help you and support GerSIG, ViewMate and JewishGen

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