German SIG #Germany GerSIG membership is 2,075 as of July 31, 2013 - Correction #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

German Jewish SIG - Annual Membership Report - July 31, 2013

The German Jewish SIG (GerSIG) subscriber population has grown by
2,000 since our inception 15 years ago at the LA 1998 Conference.

To date, 163 current members subscribed during the 2013 calendar year.
January: 18, February: 27, March: 8, April: 19, May: 18, JUNE 50, July: 22

The June surge in new GerSIG subscriptions is unexplained and
unprecedented. As a result, the total for full year 2013
should be the largest in our history. We added about 100 subscriptions
as of July 31, 2012 and some 180 for the full calendar year.
The 2011 figures were 75 through July and 155 for the full year.

There are two letter *** nationality *** codes in some subscriber
Email addresses.
(DE - Germany, IL - Israel, UK England / United Kingdom, etc.)
These and survey responses >from Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail
and other members (thank you) tell us that about one third of our
subscribers live in some 40 countries other than the USA.
Israel (about 130), Germany (about 105), The United Kingdom (76), Australia (66)
and Canada (55) have the largest numbers of un-US American subscribers.

Members can read GerSIG Email list messages in either of 3 formats or
not receive any GerSIG Email.

1,402 - 68 percent subscribe in "digest" mode. They receive one GerSIG Email
per day containing all the previous day's list messages.
313 - 15 percent have selected the "mail" mode. They receive a separate
Email immediately when each new GerSIG message is posted.
104 - 5 percent are "index" mode subscribers. They receive one GerSIG
Index Email per day with the "Subject:" and first line of the
previous day's GerSIG list messages. They can easily order one
or many of the complete messages >from our automatic list service.

256 - are registered GerSIG members who are in "no mail" mode.
No mail members do not receive GerSIG list messages but are able
to send email to the Forum. Some have switched to "no mail"
temporarily during vacations or for other reasons. Others are
officers or volunteers of JGS, JewishGen and other groups who
subscribe so as to send official and publicity announcements to
our Forum. Some have switched to "no mail" mode some time in the
past and forgotten that they are registered with GerSIG.

from time to time I survey the "no-mail" members via private Email.
We delete those who do not reply with a "do not remove" request.
"No-mail subs, more than 12 percent of the total, are not active
participants in our Email discussions.

Members can modify, pause or cancel GerSIG subscriptions at the
JewishGen List Manager page:
This link is at the end of every GerSIG list message.

GerSIG "Member Statistics" are updated >from time to time and appear at
our website.

Questions and comments on our subscriber numbers and policies can be
discussed in Email to GerSIGmod@... and / or at the GerSIG
Business Meeting, Wednesday, August 7th at Boston 2013.

GerSIG Moderator / Membership Coordinator

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