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Tom Heinersdorff <tom.heinersdorff@...>

In a July message to this list, Lin Herz asked:
"Did anyone who is on this list who was on the kindertransport know my
mother's cousin Horst ROSENBERG, he would have been about 13. (I'm not sure
what month he went). He is deceased, but my mom would be interested to learn
more about his experiences at that time."

Finding information about a child on the Kindertransport who has alas died
is not as impossible as it may seem. Here is how one might approach this:

1: the only remaining original record of the Kinder is of the some 6,000 who
were brought to the UK with the help of the Jewish Refugee Committee (JRC).
That is about 2/3 of the total number of Kindertransportees.

That archive is in the care of Mrs Lilian Levy, and is held at the Association
of Jewish Refugees (AJR) in London. So the first step would be to email Mrs Levy
(email: jrc (at) to ask her whether she has a record for the
Kindertransportee of interest, and if so, what data such a record holds as to
the date and place of arrival, reception camps they were at, and any other facts.

2: download >from the tabulation of the
AJR's own Kindertransport research, completed in 2008, and which gives a
unique databank of information about over 1000 surviving Kinder and their
fates during and after the war years. This databank can be simply analysed
using a spreadsheet such as Excel. You might look for Kinder who arrived the
same day, or who were taken to the same reception camp or who came >from the
same continental city. Make a note of their reference number in column A.

3: when you find likely comrades of the Kindertransportee of interest,
contact Andrea Goodmaker at the AJR (email: andrea (at) and ask
her to put you in touch with the person whose reference number you noted.
Although the survey was carried out under a promise of anonymity, the AJR
does know who the respondents were and is able to act as intermediary to put
people in contact. Good luck with such urgent research!

Tom Heinersdorff, London, UK

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