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I've posted two images of a photo (one of the front and one of the back)
and I hope that someone might be able to help me with identification
of the young woman in the photo. These are VM29674 and VM29675.

1. IMAGE 29674 is of the front of the photo. It's of a young woman -
the photo was taken at the Gebr. Barasch department store in Breslau.
I'm assuming it was taken sometime after 1904, given that the
department store opened in 1904 (according to Google). I don't
know how old the young girl is in the photo - but perhaps around
Bat Mitzvah age? Was there a tradition of photos being taken at that age?

2. IMAGE 29675 is of the back of the photo. On the back is written Anite
(?) Isidor LEHMAN. Not sure what to make of this name - could she
the daughter of someone named Isidor LEHMAN. There is a series of
numbers on the top of the photo, which could potentially be a date
(though the date is not in the German date format).

3. My great grandfather's name was Benjamin LEHMAN - >from either
Lithuania or Poland. I don't know the relationship of Benjamin to Isidor.

Thank you for any help you can provide in identifying this young woman - or
any advice for me on pursuing this.

You can either respond to me via ViewMate or as a personal email to

Thank you very much! Sandy (Shapiro) Korzenny City? State?

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