German SIG #Germany ViewMate - Script interpretation and location ID in Wiesbaden #germany

John Paul Lowens <jplowens@...>

Early in 1936 my father exposed two rolls of 35mm film during his last
week in Germany and first weeks in New York.. He recorded the people
and places he was leaving behind including grandparents' graves, some
relatives and friends, the house in Wallau in which he and his father
were born and the loyal staff of his abandoned 100-year-old family
business in Wiesbaden / Erbenheim.

I'm having trouble understanding the notes Dad wrote on the backs of
these pictures.

This is the second in the series. I don't recognize the lady in the
photo and can't understand the identifying squiggle written before the

If anyone recognizes this location in Wiesbaden, clearly one of
importance to my father, I'll be delighted. The address may help
identify the lady if Dad's squiggle isn't her name or initials.

I'm not going to send all the undecipherable notes >from these photos
to ViewMate. If you would like to help me with more of them please let
me know. Many thanks.

In addition to LOWENSTEIN, family names associated with these images
include SCHEUER, SCHWARZSCHILD, BARTH, EHRLICH >from Wiesbaden and
Frankfurt and WOLF originating in Barchfeld a/d Werra.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC

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