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I was surprised to receive a letter >from my mother's home town,
Aschersleben, >from a young man of 15 who said his class was doing a
project on the Jewish families that had lived there and had left.

Writing in very good English, he asked for specific information about
my grandfather, his brother and his descendents. He had found my name
and address >from the page of memory for my maternal grandfather at
Yad Vashem. - He had been assigned my grandfather's name and wanted
information what happened to him, his siblings and his family.

Having visited the town, I was able to send him a photo of my
grandfather's bank building taken in 1893 and one I took 100 years
later, as well as all the information and photos he needed to
complete his project. I look forward to receiving a copy of his
completed project, which he labeled as something in lieu of "Stolpersteine".
I thought it a most interesting effort of the school in such a small town.

Gunther Steinberg Portola Valley CA 94028

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