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Renate Rosenau answered to Lin Herz' question about the introduction of
rules for spelling in the German language.

It is right that an official standardization was introduced not before
the late 19th century. But the development of a standard spelling goes
back to the 18th century. The spelling of Goethe and Schiller is not far
from modern spelling.
But Lin asked for the spelling of names:

In Prussia the spelling of the names was fixed by King's orders in 1816
(30.10.1816) and 1822 (15.4.1822); in the western parts of Prussia
(Rheinprovinz, Provinz Westfalen) the names have been fixed around

Lin Herz wrote:
"My grandmother was born in 1895. Her name was Elly HUMBERG. When I
received a copy of her marriage certificate not long ago her name
spelled Elli twice on the document. But they also made a mistake on
my grandfather's birth year. I was beginning to wonder if perhaps
my grandmother changed the spelling of her name when she came to America.
But On the second page where my grandmother signed her name, she wrote Elly.
Today I received a copy of her actual first certificate. And on her birth
certificate her name is spelled Elli."
The official spelling of a name is according to the birth record - in
this case: Elli. Because of this, the name is spelled "Elli" in the
marriage record, too. But for name like Elli, Willi, Toni ..., spellings
with -i and with -y were in use. In these case, it seems that the person
was used to write her name Elly, but in official documents it is Elli
according to the birth record.

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