German SIG #Germany Alfred EPSTEIN of Loslau, now Wodislaw Slaski, Poland #germany

Judith Elam

I am assisting a friend with her genealogy. She is unable to use a
computer. Her grandfather is Alfred EPSTEIN, born 25 July 1869 in Loslau.
He was married to Elsbeth HERRMANN of Breslau. They lived in Berlin at
Nestorstrasse 17, Wilmersdorf. Alfred does not appear on any victims list,
but appears to have still been alive in 1939. Elsbeth was deported to Riga
on 13 Jan 1942.

My friend would like to find more ancestors and relatives, both deceased and
living. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Judith Elam, Kihei, HI

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