German SIG #Germany 1886 Bar Mitzvah Article [View-Mate for your enjoyment] #germany

Howard Bregman <hsbregjw@...>

For your enjoyment I have posted on ViewMate a Bar Mitvah description
from 1886, as published in the Tioga County Record.
The event took place in Owego, in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

The remarkable features of this article are:
1. The details therein, especially the list of gifts. This was a wealthy
family. I know I didn't get a fine oil painting for my Bar Mitzvah.
I certainly didn't get two $10 gold pieces!
2. The fact that this was published in a general newpaper and not a
Jewish paper. Granted, this was a relatively small town and the father
was a prominent merchant.
3. The familiar practice today of having a party for the kids separate
>from the adult party.
4. The cake and wine for the reporter/publisher. Why Gersig? Because
all of the families were German and had emigrated >from Ostrowo,
Posen, Prussia. These included the Tuchs (Tuck), the Grunds
(Grant), the Szimkewichs (Simmons), and others.

Enjoy ! Howard Bregman in Germany

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