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Roger Lustig

is in English and is a fine directory of Jewish cemeteries worldwide.

There's a link to it >from the Cemeteries section of the JewishGen
InfoFiles, too.

It states that the old Jewish cemetery in Lippstadt was used
until 1832; the new one, thereafter. Best,

Roger Lustig, Princeton, NJ research coordinator, GerSIG

On 1/22/2014 3:15 PM, Lin wrote:
I found a photo in my grandmother's sewing basket of my
great-grandparents' grave. I can't read the handwriting on
the back very well,(I don't think it's hers) the only words
I can read is Eltern, Lippstadt, and the year 1938.
Is there only one Jewish cemetery in Lippstadt that was used in
the late 1920s? The photo is dated 1938, so I guess someone
took it shortly before they left Germany. I found a website which
spoke about the older cemetery and newer cemetery, but none of
the links helped me,
probably due to my poor German. I'd like to know which cemetery
my great-grandparents are buried in. Hopefully, unlike most of
my ancestors, hopefully their headstone is still there.

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