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Nancy Korn <nakorn@...>

Hello all,

On the website I read about a project
entitled "List of Jewish residents in the German Reich 1933-1945"
(Die Liste der juedischen Einwohner im Deutschen Reich 1933 - 1945).

"The main objective is to compile a list, as completely and precisely
as possible, of the approximately 600,000 Jewish residents, who had
been residing in Germany anytime between 1933 - 1945 - borders of the
Reich as outlined on 31 December 1937 - and who had been persecuted
because of their Jewish origin or Jewish belief by the National
Socialist regime."

Below is the link for a full description of the different stages
of the project (in German):

Since my German is limited, I was hoping for some clarification.
Does anyone know about this project, if/when it will be completed
and how the information will be made available?

Thanks, Nancy Korn Boston, Mass.

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