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Veteran GerSIGer Daphnah Sage has sent me an announcement about
a book written about the Jews of the town of Buedingen. This is
the second edition of the book, and it deals especially with
the early, middle, and late Nazi times and how the Jews were
affected by events.

Buedingen is in south central Hessen. If you would like a copy of the
newspaper story (in German) about this book send an Email with subject
"Buedingen book" to:

If anyone has a copy of either edition of this community history,
please send us a citation so that we may add the book to our Community
History database at

We will be grateful for citations of other publications including
websites that are specific to the histories of Jewish communities,
especially those in smaller cities and towns.

Please send this information:

Name of the town
Title of the book
Author or editor
Publisher name, city and year of publication
ISBN number >from the title page of the book (important)
Number of pages
Description - Does the book have an index of or including Jewish family
names mentioned in the text? Illustrations ?
Leo Baeck Institute catalog number of the book, if any.

Thanks for your help in keeping our Community Histories
bibliography page up to date.

GerSIG Moderator

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