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JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

We have just received our 2013 year-end financial report >from the
JewishGen Business Office.

***** Reports >from that office are sent one month or more after the
date of your donations. Until we have JewishGen's reports, GerSIG
does not don't know about your donations and we can't write to thank
you for them. So, at this late date, I send thanks to GerSIG members
for your contributions during the last months of 2013.
We appreciate your generosity and will send personal "thank you"
letters soon.

All contributions are appreciated. But we need to emphasize that
*** The GerSIG Speakers Bureau Fund *** and only *** The GerSIG Speakers
Bureau Fund *** is in need of your contributions until further notice.

**** Please **** be sure to designate GerSIG financial
contributions to the GerSIG Speakers Bureau Fund.

If you donate to GerSIG using the secure web form at JewishGen, you
will be offered two choices -
GerSIG General (Research Projects only) fund and GerSIG Speakers Bureau Fund.

Under our charter and the rules of our hosts at JewishGen, our General
Fund can only be used to pay strictly regulated expenses of GerSIG
research projects. At present, there are no GerSIG research projects
eligible for additional funding.

I apologize for being so tediously redundant. Unfortunately, it seems
necessary because some donors to GerSIG forget to specify "GerSIG Speakers
Bureau" when sending contributions.
Your financial support is always appreciated and it is very much needed---

for the GerSIG Speakers Bureau.

If and when a current or new GerSIG research project is approved by
the financial gate-keepers at JewishGen, we will announce this news.
If necessary, we will then ask for donations to the GerSIG General
Fund to enable the new project. At present and for the foreseeable
future, donations to the GerSIG General (Research only) Fund are not

Please specify *** GerSIG Speakers Bureau *** when you donate money
to support GerSIG.

If you have questions about donations, please write to

Thanks to all who contribute to JewishGen. The names of these
generous JewishGen supporters can be seen at:

The JewishGen Wall of Honor gives you a way to support and encourage
the efforts of GerSIG and JewishGen volunteer workers and the research
help given generously through our Email Forum and ViewMate

Thank you, GerSIG Moderator

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