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JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Some personal and GerSIG projects have sent me to various parts of the
JewishGen website during the past few weeks. My experience has taught
me an important basic rule:

Log in to JewishGen with your user name and password first. Always.

At JewishGen, your user name is your JewishGen ID number also known as
your JewishGen researcher code.

If you want to use a link in an Email message to reach a page at JewishGen-
first open another window in your web browser and go to: to log in before you click the link.

Sometimes, not always, if you don't log in first you may be redirected
to the JewishGen home page, not the page you are looking for.

Another guideline: There are two pages at JewishGen for managing
subscriptions to lists like the GerSIG Forum.

To see a list describing all SIG Email lists and add new subscriptions:
Log in first then:

To change an existing subscription - change the delivery mode,
suspend list Email or unsubscribe completely:

Log in first then:

For complete information about this and other JewishGen-hosted Email lists,
there is a very complete guide available in English, Hebrew, French or Spanish

Go to the top of this "JewishGen Support" page to see all help topics
and select a language.

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